Here's a list of some projects I've done.

They're mostly for fun and learning. Although some may become more "official" open source projects I'll support and maintain.

  • Resume generator

    A React library(WIP) that can generate a resume to be output in HTML/CSS. Uses styled components for themeing and customization. CSS Grid is used for layout.

  • Lofi hip-hop video viewer

    React/Express app that pulls videos from Youtube using their API. Data is stored in redis and served to React via GraphQL.

  • Taekwondo Patterns Review

    React Native app(WIP) that lists all patterns in ITF Taekwondo. You can review specific moves in a pattern and save notes locally to your phone. Converted from an android app to be available on iOS and android.

  • Rust Static Site Generator

    Static site generator built in Rust that pulls data from a json file that then constructs a static site that you can deploy to a web server.

  • Wikipedia Summaries

    Get a summary on a particular topic from wikipedia. Written in Go and React

  • Daily Programmer Practice

    A React/Express app that gives you a random submission from r/dailyprogrammer

  • Wallpaper Viewer

    A React/Express app that grabs data from the reddit api, allows user to view wallpapers from r/wallpapers